About Us

SIDRA was inspired by the Sidra tree as it is known in the Levant which is known as Ziziphus spina-christi or the Christ's thorn jujube. The Sidra is the evergreen tree that associated with the Lote-tree of the Utmost Farthest Boundary which marks the end of the seventh heaven.

The Sidra tree is one we are very proud to have as part of our culture. The Sidra tree which grow naturally, strong and proud is considered as a symbol of perseverance and nourishment in our harsh and dry environment.
SIDRA has embarked with all its potentials to mystically take the precious Sidra tree blessings and healing power to the higher levels with innovative creations that suits the story of the Holy Sidra tree and our special clients.
Natural and Organic Beauty Products
We in SIDRA believed in healing with ancient wisdom as our ancestors around the whole world had a very strong bonding with our mother nature. Our nature has everything we need to answer our beauty needs and contains remedies and blessings.
SIDRA has seen a lot of these plant-based products that promote wellness and can maintain physical, mental, and even emotional health. Its natural beauty effect can boost self-confidence and improve self-esteem.
We have recognized that every nation in this world have their own self-healing rituals which stimulated by their environment. Our dedication in delivering naturally developed products inspired us to continue sending the message that medication and treatment are not just found in drugstores and pharmacies but also in nature.
SIDRA is devoted to offer you 100% natural, organic, and chemical-free with healing remedies inspired by our ancient wisdom from around the whole world.
Let us embrace our true beauty and bring the health and wellness to our homes the spiritual, natural way.
Natural and Organic Beauty Remedies
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