Jade Roller : Why Do You Need One?

Jade Roller : Why Do You Need One?


Everyone wants to have healthy skin. So, they grab every opportunity they can get to achieve that healthy glowing skin- buy different beauty care products and research for tools that are valuable in getting the desired results.


There are a hundred of apparatus available in the market that aids you caring for your skin. One of these is the famous jade roll.


What is Jade Roller?


Jade Roller is a tool used for a facial massage that is made of gemstone jade, thus the name. One of the stone's characteristics is its ability to maintain its cold temperature. So regardless of how many times you roll the stone over your face, it won't heat up. As part of the Chinese facial therapy during the 17th century, the jade roller has reported having possessed many healing properties, which makes it an excellent tool for the enhancement of your facial appearance.


Benefits of Using Jade Rolls


When you do jade rolling and made it part of your skin care routine, you massage out the excess fluids from your face and push back to the lymphatic system. These fluids are collected when you lack sleep, hormonal changes, or when you consume too much salt. The simple gesture, like rubbing eyes, make-up irritation, and allergies, can also contribute fluids to the soft tissues in the face. 


Regular use of Jade Roller will provide you with the following benefits:


  1. Minimize or Reduce Puffiness
  2. Reduce Eye bags and appearance of eye circles
  3. Relaxes facial muscles
  4. Fight signs of aging like wrinkles and fine lines
  5. Stimulates lymphatic system and blood circulation
  6. Tightens the pores in the face
  7. Helps skin care products to penetrate deeply
  8. Reduces inflammation in the facial skin


Step in using Jade Roller



  1. Wash your face and use a clean towel to dry. 
  1. Apply a moisturizer. 
  1. Start rolling the tool from the bottom to the top, then back to the bottom for the final roll. 
  1. Position it in your chin and roll upward towards your ears, applying medium pressure. Repeat it for five to six times. Do the same to the other side. 
  1. Once done with both sides of the cheeks, position the roller in the center of your forehead then roll towards your ears for five to six times. Do the same to the opposite side. 
  1. Applying medium pressure, roll the tool from the inner eye to the outer eye ten times. Repeat the same to the opposite side, then switch to the upper eye following the same method. 
  1. Once done with the lower and upper part of the eyes, run the roller to the corner of the eye, up and down five times, then switch to the opposite side. 
  1. Finish off by rolling the jade roll to your jaw, across its joint. Move back and forth five times.

You may feel that jade roller isn't a necessity, but adding it to your skin care routine would mean getting extra help, especially when you want to deal with puffy skin, which is not easily eliminated by the use of other beauty products. Getting one would give you additional benefits that your existing skin care could not provide.


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